29.01.15 – 02.03.15

Juliette Bonneviot, Marco Bruzzone, Cécile B. Evans, Jenny Kalliokulju

All artworks in this exhibition deal with the body, its removals, artificiality, and ineffability. Lost limbs, artificial hormones, forgotten cultures, made-up people, dead celebrities. Since when is it so hard to get real in this world? I wake up and feel invisible. I work and feel invisible. I eat, shit, and sleep invisible. It’s 2015 and we’ve regressed so far that identity politics feel new again.

What will make our shadows stick?

I’ve noticed a lot of artists who grasp anything in sight and describe and smother it with words, as if blind. Like babies who mull over the world in their mouth because their sight is too abstract. This impulse to smother reminds me of Pompeii’s last afternoon. As Vesuvius erupted, the most boring shit was cast pristine in ash to pick, prod and hold for centuries to come. Everything also died. Ask your favorite archeologist: was it worth it?

What is an exhibition but a body—a sum totaling more than its parts? If I give you five fingers and a press release, will it make a hand? I want an exhibition that totals less than its parts that detracts from what we already know. I want to go deep, toward death; figure out why we all feel so fucking invisible and fuck phantom soulmates. No words.

- Karen Archey

Cécile B. Evans
Cécile B. Evans is a Belgian American who lives and works in Berlin and London. Evans’ work examines the ways in which society values emotion. Her most recent work, which employs several mediums, addresses the impact of digital technology on these values and the growing substance of the immaterial. Evans has received commissions from the Serpentine Galleries, London and the Palais de Tokyo, Paris and participated in group exhibitions at Bergen Kuntsmuseum (Norway), Jerwood Foundation (London), Pilar Corrias Gallery (London) and Kunstverein München (Munich). She has a solo exhibition at Seventeen Gallery (London) and her films have been screened at the BFI (London), Grand Century (NY), Hamburg Film Festival, and Art Basel Miami. Evans received art awards including the Frieze Art Fair’s Emdash Award (2012) and Palais de Tokyo/Orange’s Push Your Art Prize (2013), and a number of grants and residencies such as Wysing Arts Centre (UK), CCA Andratx (SP), and the Arts Council of England.

Juliette Bonneviot
Juliette Bonneviot (b. 1983, Paris, France) graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2008, she lives and works in Berlin. Her most recent works examines the materiality and the ecologies of intimate Stuff. Taking her own domestic experience as a case study, she draws connections between gender and ecology. Recent solo exhibitions include Minimal Jeune Fille, Wilkinson Gallery, London (2014). Recent group exhibitions include nature after nature, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel (2014); Nostalgia, CCA, Glasgow International (2014); Art Post-Internet, UCCA, Beijing (2014); the 12th Lyon Biennale (2013); Analogital, Utahmoca, Salt Lake City (2013). Upcoming exhibitions include Looks, ICA, London (2015), Xenoestrogens, Autocenter, Berlin (2015).

Jenny Kalliokulju
Based in Malmö, Jenny Kalliokulju b. 1986, studied at Städelschule, is a multi-disciplinary Swedish artist whose recent work deals with the relationship between myth, body, identity, technology and how it reconsiders the body and its physical and psychological plasticity. Employing a wide array of materials and processes, her practice spans sculpture; writing; painting; installation and sound. With exhibitions in Sweden, Germany, Brussels, her most recently was a group show “6th sense” at Minibar in Stockholm and her soloshow “Baklava Phantom Tail” at TOVES in Copenhagen. She has also been published in the 6th sense pamphlet 2015, Const Literary Preview#1-2 2014 and “Lagoon” in 2013

Marco Bruzzone
Bruzzone (1974, Genoa, IT). Artist and curator, lives and works in Berlin. Selected exhibitions include: SET MEMBERSHIP, Gilmeier Rech, Berlin, (2014); Acciaio 11, Dingum, Berlin (2014); Sprudelspass & Wurst Tossing, Almanac Projects, London, Tagteam, Bergen (2013); Bread and Stones (Deep down…worn out by abnormal passion), pcnc_bay, Berlin (2013); To mistake an empty space for a square (with Patrick Tuttofuoco), Kunstverein Arnsberg (2012); Silent Football (Piano Solo), Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2012); Water Down the Sink (Spiral Eyes), The Ister, Brussels (2012); Celluloid Brushes, Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie, Berlin (2012); Etablissement d’en Face, Brussels (2011); Colli, Oslo 10, Basel (2011); Platonic Solids, Kunsthalle Basel (2011).

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